What gets measured, gets managed.
Do you measure?

We are a Wellington based company, servicing complete business solutions of KPI Dashboards.
We help you:
  • Measure - Any KPI.
  • Connect - to all other systems, CRMs, databases etc.
  • Develop and deploy - A dashboard with all types of graphs, charts, gauge meters.
Our solution is:
  • Custom made solution - Developed to YOUR needs and YOUR requirements.
  • Fast and efficient - Deployment in weeks, not months.
  • Various systems - from standalone dashboards to online multiple users dashboard
  • All users - managers, employees, shareholders, partners.
  • Fits most types of organizations - from enterprises to medium sized companies.
  • Different technologies - from MS-ACCESS, web servers and even EXCEL
  • Affordable prices - starting from $2000 for small organizations

KPI Dashboard options:

  • Graphs or charts
  • Gauge meters
  • Distribution graphs
  • Trend graphs
  • Realtime data
  • Date filters
  • Basically everything according to your requirements